Buy CBD Paste Raw (Medihemp) 12g


Buy CBD Paste Raw (Medihemp) 12g. This CBD Raw paste syringe is a bomb of CBD, CBDA and other different healthy components. Thanks to the powerful CO2 extraction process, this syringe contain both CBD and CBDA. These substances can also have a relaxing effect and provide more inner peace.

The CBD paste syringe contains a good 18% CBD and therefore is a very powerful agent with strong CBD effects. The paste is produced through soft CO2 extract and organic hemp seed oil. Both cannabidiol (CBD) as well as carboxylic acid (CBDA) are processed in this paste. This ensures an optimal wholesome effect.

Characteristics of the CBD paste syringe

Through the organic production and a hand-selected harvest, the CBD paste is rich in different healthy nutrients. Think about pigments, phenols, terpenes, vitamins and minerals. This ensures that the CBD paste syringe has a positive effect on pain complaints and different endogenous body processes.

Benefits of the product

Because there are so many active ingredients in the CBD paste, its usage has a positive effect on different body processes. What to think of:

  • Calming effect, recovers a healthy and natural night’s rest
  • Helps to relax and prevents stress
  • Easy-to-dose with help of the syringe
  • Can work anti-inflammatory
  • Contributes to natural hormonal processes in our body
  • Available in two different flavors: mint and natural



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