Buy CBD Paste Raw Syringe (Endoca) 10gr

Buy CBD Paste Raw Syringe (Endoca) 10gr. The Endoca 30% Raw Hemp Oil syringe. It contains pure CBD paste of a good 30 % CBD/CBDA. So this dosage syringe is very easy to use. Hence making it very easy to dose the right amount of CBD/CBDA.

Endoca stands for high quality

Therefore Endoca guarantees the high quality of all its CBD products. Good quality CBD paste starts with the seeds of the organic hemp. All plants are organically cultivated and Endoca’s production process is also GMP certified. Each process has a detailed description of how they are produced. Endoca products are however non-GMO.

Characteristics Endoca paste

  •   Strongly concentrated it is.
  • The CBD paste is made through critical CO2 extraction process.
  • The paste is also free of pesticides and herbicides.
  • The paste is made of organically cultivated hemp.


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