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Master Kush Shatter is considered to be a heavy strain.  Therefore it helps most with chronic aches and pains. It also helps with appetite stimulation, arthritis/inflammation, insomnia, PTSD and depression.

Parents: Hindu Kush, Skunk #1
Similar to: Blueberry, Bubba Kush, Skywalker OG, Alien OG, Platinum Kush.

Flavors: Earthy, pungent, sweet
Medical: Relaxed, happy, euphoric, sleepy, uplifted
Used to help with: Stress, pain, depression, insomnia, headaches

Therefore it is very pure and potent medicinal product. Best used in small quantities at a time.

THC: 83.83% CBD: 0.12%

Tested and extracted from the highest quality of plants, Phant is the clean, natural choice to medicate your body.


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