Buy PureGold Vape Cartridges



Buy PureGold Vape Cartridges

PureGold offers rapid relief for appetite loss, nausea, inflammation, pain and other symptoms. PureGold contains 93% pure natural cannabinoids, comprised of approximately 87% delta9 and other THC isomers. Also 2% CBG, 3% CBN, 1% CBD, along with 2% other terpenes; and it includes 5% d-limonene.  Hence naturally occurring terpene found in orange oil, for a smooth pleasant taste.

PureGold is generally heated and inhaled in pure form using pipe or vaporizer you would like. Using a nail, it leaves behind no byproducts. One drop can last a long time if properly smoked. PureGold leaves patients clear-headed without the fuzzy, dopey character of some cannabis.


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