CBD Caring Facial Cream (Hemptouch) 50ml

CBD Caring Facial Cream (Hemptouch) 50ml products are available for various skin types, including the sensitive skin, often affected by dryness and sensitivity. Yet, Hemptouch CBD caring skin cream helps to soothe the skin and to ensure, of course, that the skin changes from stressed to distressed. The organic hemp seed oil in this cream contains healthy Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. An easy to dose facial cream that actually shouldn’t be left out of your morning ritual.

CBD caring facial cream (Hemptouch) 50ml

This caring facial cream also helps to restore and hydrate the skin. Thanks to the ultra-clean formula, chances the skin gets irritated are minimized.

Hemptouch caring CBD facial cream 

  • Contains ~ 50mg CBD.
  • Is specially designed for the sensitive, dry skin.
  • Is an easy-spreadable cream that quickly absorbs into the skin.
  • Can also provide relief to the sensitive and dry skin.
  • Convenient dosing by means of a pump.

CBD facial cream
The developments in the field of CBD containing cosmetics go very quickly. More and more suppliers manage to add CBD to healthy creams and ointments. Hemptouch is a forerunner, by testing its products dermatologically and 100% animal friendly. In addition, all of Hemptouch products are vegan.

After cleansing the skin, apply 1 to 2 pumps to the dry and clean skin. Daily use in the morning and / or evening, when your skin needs a bit of extra humidity. In this case, apply the CBD cream after a shower or bath. The cream is for external use only.

Hemptouch caring facial cream
This facial cream is dermatologically tested and can be helpful to

  • dry skins.
  • premature wrinkles.
  • pale, flaky or red skins.
  • hypersensitive skins.


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