CBD cream for the irritated skin

CBD Cream for the Irritated Skin. A fine, and in our opinion, very good Hemptouch ointment. CBD ointment for the irritated skin. With ~ 50mg CBD. This super fine and soft, wax-like ointment quickly absorbs into the skin and works rapidly. In some subjects, even after the first application results were noticeable! Only a small amount of ointment is necessary for the skin to notice improvements. Another positive characteristic is that the ointment doesn’t stain, despite its own, light green color!

CBD cream for the irritated skin (Hemptouch)

This Hemptouch CBD ointment is a real must. All products are being tested by us. We want to know what we sell. This ointment amazed us with its effective operation. Easy to apply, doesn’t stain and even a nice smell! Overall, a great ointment.

Properties CBD ointment for the irritated skin: 

  • The ointment can reduce itching.
  • It can soften / reduce the irritated and sensitive skin.
  • Contains natural Omega 3 & 6 from hemp seed oil.
  • Contains ~ 50mg CBD.
  • It also contains many plant extracts.
  • 50ml firm ointment.

Benefits Hemptouch CBD ointment
Many ointments that should work against itching are not always itch-free. It may sound strange, but what many tell us, is that when applying ointment, it creates a certain itch. That’s not the case with this ointment. As noted earlier, the ointment does not itch.

Works on all skin types
All Hemptouch’s products are dermatologically tested and were not tested on animals. The ointment for the irritated skin can work for the following skin types

  • eczema skin
  • Psoriasis
  • Dry and dehydrated skin
  • Persistent diaper rash
  • Hemorrhoids


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