CBD Oil Syringe (Medi-Wiet) 12ml

CBD Oil Syringe (Medi-Wiet) 12ml. This CBD oil syringe is an easy tool to dose CBD rich oil in paste-substance in an optimal way. You can also use this oil in its pure form. With a good 2,3% CBD the wholesome effect of this product is very strong.

Characteristics of the CBD oil syringe

This product is made by Non-profit organization Medi-Wiet. This non-profit organization has a good reputation in the area of organic cultivation, done in a completely natural way. CBD extract are processed into the products with great care. CBD oil syringe (medi-wiet) 12ml

With the relatively high concentration of CBD they fulfill the high demand of products where CBD is the active agent. The CBD paste is less liquid than normal oil, which makes the syringe ideal to easily determine the right dose.

Benefits of the CBD oil syringe

Of course, the high concentration of CBD ensures a stronger effect of the substance. Without diagnosing or making health claims, this CBD paste can help you suffer less from pains and you experience more relaxed feeling while reducing stress. So you benefit from:

  • A calm and relaxed feeling
  • Easy to dose with enclosed syringe
  • The effect of a high CBD concentration


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