High Strength Ganja Goddess Cartridges

High Strength Ganja Goddess Cartridges. These Ganja Goddess cartridges come filled with a specially formulated high strength medicated oil.

The e-liquid is made with decarbolized and activated CO2 extracted concentrates perfectly blended in natural cannabis terpenes. Hence creating an extremely clean and strong experience.

Each cartridge contains .5 ml of medicated oil (more than 100 hits) and will work with 510 compatible vapor pens. Therefore make sure to draw slowly, use lower voltages, and hold the vapor in your lungs. This cartridges may also leak when left in warm locations.

We have a few e-liquid options in 0.5 ml cartridges:

– Tangerine Cartridges – contain 40% THC (a total of 200 mg per cartridge) and have an amazing tangerine terpene flavor.

– 2:1 CBD to THC – e-liquid cartridge with a Girl Scout Cookie terpene profile (a total of 75 mg CBD and 35 mg THC per 0.5 ml cartridge).

– Hybrid Blend – 60% Cannabinoid E-Liquid hybrid blend. It also tastes incredible and is VERY strong.

– 15:1 High CBD

– Girl Scout Cookies

– Jack Herer

– Grandaddy Purple

So these cartridges are using a special formulation of e-liquid free of propylene glycol and glycerin oil! The only components of this e-liquid are THC and other cannabinoids and cannabis dervived terpenes. It is an amazing experience!


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