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OMG Herbal Incense 10g

OMG Herbal Incense 10g is extremely strong incense that is not intended for use by the faint-hearted. But for the people who want to take the challenge of leveling up in their incense burning experience. The best part is that this extremely strong incense has just about everything you love about herbal incense.

Once you started lighting and burning it in your burner, you will notice the clear, thick smoke in your surroundings (*Make sure you do it in a closed, quiet and private room for the best results). Users revealed that OMG has changed the way they appreciate incense because of its great, lasting relaxing effects.

And because it comes as extremely strong incense, they said that just a little of it goes a long way, something that makes the product more loved by users from around the world.

OMG gives users a pleasant, relaxing mind effect that they never had before.


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