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White Tiger Herbal Incense 4g

White Tiger Herbal Incense 4g. The White Tiger is an incredible and majestic animal. They are few in number which makes their existence even more exquisite. The White Tiger incense takes inspiration from the exclusivity and majestic nature of the animal itself. Thus, the name.

Some of the best herbal species are blended together to create a perfect combination for this strong and spicy incense. The aroma is not only refreshing but it also works to unleash the mind to relive yourself from stress and to visualize things way better.

The fragrance is a three in one combination of being intense, refreshing and long lasting. Very few herbal fragrances can offer so much in just one pack. This makes the White Tiger an exclusive addition to your incense collection.

The product comes in a 4 and 10 grams, but it has all the ingredients to surprise you with a fragrant punch. So if you want to bring in some energy and vitality into your monotonous life, the White Tiger incense is the perfect blend for you.

The fragrance is manufactured under the best quality conditions to give you a pure, enthralling and long lasting experience. Unleash the tiger today before it is too late!


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